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    After effects purchase


      Hi Community, i would like to purchase Ae on a one time deal...how do i go about this and how much does it cost ( CS6 or CC)?


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          kirkeric Adobe Community Professional

          Hey there Collok,


          I do not believe it is possible to purchase this as a one time deal.  Adobe went to the creative cloud, subscription based service a couple years ago.  I'm not certain whether you can still obtain a copy of the CS6 standalone or not.  Perhaps someone else will chime in on that.


          The creative cloud is a good deal because of the ability to always have the most up to date products, though for a the one time user, that's probably not the ideal situation.


          Wish you all the best.



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Adobe used to sell CS6 standalone up until about a month or two ago. I understand them stopping because some of the software in CS6 was having an increasing number of issues on modern computers (which makes sense considering how old CS6 is).


            So, I'm afraid you will have to get it via subscription. Now, you can pay a whole year's worth of subscription in one go which is kind of similar...


            The good news is that you will be on the latest version this way and you get all the lovely new versions of the software, plus you get TypeKit, plus you get neat features like Libraries that sync with the mobile apps (and I LOVE some of the mobile apps), plus you get...well, you get the idea.

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              I have the same question, with the exception that I live in a rural community that still has 1980 internet. AT&T offers a sort of DSL using the existing phone wires at 768K, which is faster than dial up but barely. I would prefer a stand alone version, or at least a way to only access the internet when needed.


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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                grimages1982  wrote

                I would prefer a stand alone version, or at least a way to only access the internet when needed.


                Sorry, but your options are probably limited to eBay and an old version of AE.  Adobe assumes everyone on the planet has access to zippy-fast internet, and there is NO current version for outright purchase.  You have to rent it.