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    Flex Spring Integration

      I have a problem integrating spring security with my flex application

      I'm using spring http basic authentication to authenticate users of my flex application.
      In addition of authentication (which is taked automatically in charge by spring security as it is http basic mode), i have created a java service in spring side which i invoked from flex side to get authorizations data. I use this authorization data to initialize my menuBar (menu items depending on user profile).
      When i start my application, at the first time i get an error due to my httpservice call (call of my java service authorization Service) before entering my authentication information. (the authentication window appears at the same time as a flex alert about http call).
      I configured my spring-security.xml like this :
      <intercept-url pattern="welcome.html" access="ROLE_ADMIN" />
      <intercept-url pattern="/app.swf" access="ROLE_ADMING" />
      <intercept-url pattern="/services/**" access="ROLE_ADMIN" />

      So i expect is that spring ask me first for authentication before downloading/executing any flex code !!

      Any idea could be very helpful

      Thanks in advance