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    iPad Switcher Icon


      We have one very specific issue with an app being built using Adobe Build.


      In iOS all icons appear apart from the icon for the iPad App Switcher (the carousel of apps you get when double clicking the home button). The icon defaults to the Phonegap icon which I assume Build adds in if it cannot find the one it wants. There is no issue on iPhones only iPads. There is no issue with other icons used in other locations such as settings or search.


      So, does anyone know:

      • the solution to this?
      • or what size we should be checking in the config.xml? (see below seems to cover all possibilities)
      • or a reference in any way to this icon?




          <preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-6.5.0" />


      <platform name="ios">

             <icon height="57" src="res/icon/ios/icon.png" width="57" />

              <icon height="114" src="res/icon/ios/icon@2x.png" width="114" />

              <icon height="72" src="res/icon/ios/icon-72.png" width="72" />

              <icon height="144" src="res/icon/ios/icon-72@2x.png" width="144" />

              <icon height="60" src="res/icon/ios/icon-60.png" width="60" />

              <icon height="120" src="res/icon/ios/icon-60@2x.png" width="120" />

              <icon height="180" src="res/icon/ios/icon-60@3x.png" width="180" />

              <icon height="76" src="res/icon/ios/icon-76.png" width="76" />

              <icon height="152" src="res/icon/ios/icon-76@2x.png" width="152" />

              <icon height="167" src="res/icon/ios/icon-83.5@2x.png" width="167" />

              <icon height="50" src="res/icon/ios/icon-50.png" width="50" />

              <icon height="100" src="res/icon/ios/icon-50@2x.png" width="100" />

              <icon height="29" src="res/icon/ios/icon-small.png" width="29" />

              <icon height="58" src="res/icon/ios/icon-small@2x.png" width="58" />

              <icon height="87" src="res/icon/ios/icon-small@3x.png" width="87" />

              <icon height="40" src="res/icon/ios/icon-40.png" width="40" />

              <icon height="80" src="res/icon/ios/icon-40@2x.png" width="80" />

              <icon height="120" src="res/icon/ios/icon-40@3x.png" width="120" />