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    How can you export ratings (*) and color labels in LR and then see them in a new catalogue?

    Cheryl Machat Dorskind

      I teach Lightroom at the college level and my students rate their images and export to dropbox per assignment. I then import their files into my classroom lr catalogue and the ratings do not show up. I have attached some screen shots. The copyright metadata that they load on import in their ingest does not show up in my class lr catalogue. If I go to Bridge the metadata is there (copyright and ratings), but it does not append in LR.




      This hyperlink above (pardon my spelling) will show you the imported test file. The star ratings and the copyright info did not copy as you will see in the screen shot, but it is there in bridge.


      Is there a way I can see this info in the class lr catalogue? It would make it so much easier for classroom teaching?


      Is there a setting I am missing in LR export or preferences? I do have the students check "All metadata" in export.


      Thanks in advance for your insights.