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    Animate Armature Elements Will Not Retain Position

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      First, l hate Flash er..."Animate" as it is now called...it is every bit a clunky and unintuitive as predecessor. Here is my CURRENT problem, if anyone can help I would appreciate your time.


      I have built an armature of a figure with each element that I want to animate as separate symbols (Head, upper and lower arms, legs, etc.) I spent an hour working with the bone tool, keyframes etc. getting the first few seconds animation just how I wanted it, no problem. I save the file close the program and come back to the next day and the elements of the armature are no longer in sync. The upper arm has moved x amount of pixels that way and the lower leg has moved x amount that way, etc. So I spend another hour in outline mode get everything back to were it was and save. I play back the animation and the left foot has moved x amount of pixels, I fix it...play back and the left hand has now moved x amount of pixels!


      Other using Animate in the first place what am I doing wrong? Why will the elements not stay were I have put them? I have gotten to the point now where I have basic built a frame by frame animation trying to get everything to stay in place and still after each playback something has moved!!!


      P.S. Please give mr Edge back!!! Edge was so much more intuitive to use.

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          TheDramaStudent Level 1

          Unfortunately, if you're using IK Animation Armatures in Animate CC there's a lot of bugs that can ruin your animation as you work on it.


          If you move the position of an armature symbol using the arrow keys or the free transformation tool it often alters the alignment of other symbols, even on previous keyframes. This is a glitch only present with IK animation tweens and you can see an extreme version of this glitch in the below video.


          Adobe Animate Bone Tool Bug #2 - YouTube 


          There's really no way to fix it other than being careful with how you animate the armature.

          • Only use the selection tool to make different poses for the animation.
          • Make your character art look seamless even with imprecise animation and unintentional shifting of body parts.
          • Protect your finished animations by splitting them up so that new armature animations don't affect the old ones.
          • Never change the position of the pivot/transformation point on a symbols during an animation. (That's a no no for all animation tweens types)

          Ik Animation-Split Up animation.png


          Being someone who uses a lot of IK animation, I hope that its bugs will be fixed someday. It's really fun and fast to animate with but it's glitches make it impossible to recommend.