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    Duplicate - Locked (Was: Pulling ever changing To and CC fields from form to populate email)

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      Hi thank you for reading,


      I just started using forms central and acrobat for editing forms after learning that Outlook Developer is only for total experts who prefer an outdated developer platform haha. I could make the form but the behind the scenes scripting and validating etc. are difficult for me because I don't know anyone with great IT knowledge. I have no coding experience besides knowing where to paste an exact code I need.


      With the submit button in Acrobat, I have an ask for you all that I haven’t been able to find exactly. I understand the idea of mailto: as a URL to open the form in outlook.


      In my form, I have To and CC fields that require an email address. Each employee (hundreds of them) will be filling in different To and CC email fields on the form I made. They do not have the capacity to create the script to mail automatically to their supervisors, and I can't go help them all set it up.


      1. What code would I paste in the URL to pull the form’s To and CC fields over to Outlook to populate in those To and CC fields?


      When I click Edit through Forms in Acrobat, I see this. Does it have to do with that text box code?


      So I tried "mailto:To:_Qvdg10MMDqST3GXUvv595g" to get an Outlook Prompt to look up names because I did it wrong.



      I tried below, but I get a URL error because I don't have the capacity to figure out what to do... just what to ask it might have something to do with how the form isn't in a browser for running the below script. I don't want this form in a browser because people might think it's not secure. Basically, I want to be an all star at work by utilizing the scripts in the link below.



      Using the “doc.submitForm()” function

      The “doc.submitForm()” function is a general-purpose data-submission tool.  It can submit to server scripts or email, and in a large variety of formats.  If an email address is used, then all the email information is placed in the email URL.  There are no individual function inputs for the To, CC, Subject, and Body parts of the email.  But the “doc.submitForm()”  function does have quite a menagerie of inputs for controlling how the data is submitted.  In the code below, it is set up to submit the data in XML format.
        Place the code below in the Mouse Up event of a form button.  In order for this code to work, the form must have two text fields, one named "ClientEmail" and one named "BennyEmail.”