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    Problem signing documents digitally - Adobe Reader DC


      I am having trouble signing in digitally in Adobe Reader DC. When installing the application and plugging the Safenet company's digital certificate into USB and signing for the first time everything went fine by selecting the "Tools / Certificates / Digitally Signing" option, the signature information appeared on the screen and after selecting the field in the requested document The password of the certificate and ready worked and signed, in the upper corner appears the information that all the signatures are valid, however when turning off the PC and after reconnecting try to re-sign any document, Adobe Reader DC no longer asks for the password of my certificate, (It is necessary to terminate the process) and the signature is invalid in the document.



      First solution I found was to reinstall Adobe Reader DC, doing this procedure it is possible to sign without errors, but then everything returns when I need to sign too many documents.



      As used two computers in one of them testing, I checked the option "Validating signatures" in the part of Integration with Windows in Edit / Preferences / Signatures / Verification / More ... ", in this equipment the error did not occur anymore, but in the other same Marking this option continues giving erron being necessary to be reinstalling the program so that it works.



      can anybody help me?


      Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - Português (15.023.20070)