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    delete files from disk (Mac)


      Hi all, I work with a Mac and installed the latest version of LR CC.

      I wil delete files i have marked with a black flag. When I go to photo and choose the latest button ( not accepted files delete) the file wile be removed in LR but not on my harddisk??????


      And that is just what I want al the black flag files off my harddisk.


      Who can help me??



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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          HI Shane,


          Your explanation is a little unclear, but let me start with what I think you mean:


          1. Mark some photos as "rejected" (black flag, press "X").

          2. Choose Photo > Delete Rejected Photos

          3. You get this dialog box:



          4. You click "Remove" and the files are no longer in your Lightroom catalog, but they are still on the hard disk.


          Is that right?


          I think the easiest way to locate the files that have been deleted from the Catalog would be to re-import them. Choose your folder, and in Lightroom, right click the folder and choose "Synchronize Folder:"




          Now you will be able to re-import the images. While you have the photos in "Previous Import," reject them all once again (black flag - X). Now, repeat Step 1,2,3 above, but this time choose "Delete from Disk."


          Does that help?




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