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    Actionscript 2 to load external text file only works on some machines


      Thanks for reading.

      I am creating an intranet page for the company I work for using adobe flash cs6 and actionscript 2.

      I have a button which when clicked loads an external html formatted text file and displays it on the page.

      This works perfectly on some computers but on others the word 'undefined' is displayed instead of the contents of the file. All the computer I've tried this on are running windows 7 and internet explorer 11 (I have tried google chrome also). The machine I have with flash cs6 on it works when debugging through flash, but does not work when I publish to an HTML file.

      The code I am using is as follows...

      myData = new LoadVars(); 
      .onLoad = function() { list.html=true;
      .htmlText = this.Links; };
      .load("Published_Finished_Drawings.txt"); }

      I am assuming this is a windows/ie setting issue but any help would be greatly appreciated!