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    Filter Second Datagrid from First Datagrid

    ColdSun Level 1
      I'm trying to filter a 2nd datagrid when you click a row from the 1st datagrid. I wrote some ASP code that takes a recordset and converts it to XML. The XML is working fine when doing this.

      The application is a list of trainers and superusers at a hospital. The list of people is the first datagrid and the curriculums they can teach is the second. Each trainer can have 1 or more curriculums that they can teach.
      The first datagrid (the one I want to click on to filter the second datagrid) is called "Trainers" and the field I want to use as the key to pass to the second is "Trainer_ID." The second datagrid is called "Roles" and shares a column called "Trainer_ID" that identifies a trainer and a curriculum (role) they can teach.

      I was hoping someone could help me by posting an example of the code I could use to do this filter? I'm new to Flex, but experienced with ASP and ASP.NET. Love what I'm doing with flex though. Here is a link to the application itself:

      Test Link for Application

      Here is my code so far: