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    Lightroom Mobile and Nikon SnapBridge


      Hi all.  I really want to be able to use LR and LR Mobile but I am having an issue that is causing me to not want to spend the money unless I can solve it. 


      I have a Nikon D3400 that sends all photos via bluetooth to my Android based phone. The photos show up in a folder called Snapbridge.  I allow LR Mobile to access my folders. Its sees them all and even sees the folder called Snapbridge but only sees 3 photos in it. I have hundreds of photos in the folder. I have the settings checked to see everything (Jpg and raw) just in case!

      I can not figure out when the app wont see all the photos in that particular folder.  I have no idea if this is occuring in other folders but this is the one that is most important.


      Any help would be appreciated.