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    InDesign - Pen tool stuck on arrow

    BradySimmons Level 1

      Hey guys,


      Very new to ID. When I am making a stroke with my pen tool it reverts to default every time. The problem being is every time I make a stroke it creates an arrow. Not a big deal, but every time I draw a line with my I have to go back and revert the end point. How can I edit the defaults of the pen tool. Set stroke, start, and end?





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          Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

          Does this happen for all new documents or just one.


          If all, close all documents, then go up to the stroke panel, and change that arrow to None.


          If just that one document, deselect so no objects are selected and change the stroke and change the arrow to None.


          When you change something with nothing selected, or no document open, you are changing the default.