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    Adobe, any chance Greensock could replace CreateJS for AnimateCC html5 publishing?

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      First off, I love Grant Skinner. He's done a ton for the Flash community and made all of our stuff better. Super-props for making html5 publishing from Flash possible via CreateJS.


      Secondly, html5 publishing (and really webGL publishing) is the completely right direction for Flash and we're all excited about it. Being able to hit the 'Publish' button and have an animation/game/experience that will play everywhere is at the core of what has always made Flash great. That's why html5 export is so crucial.


      The update over the summer was very helpful. It fixed some very broken stuff in the html5 publishing realm. All progress is appreciated.


      But . . . it's still not there yet. The main problem I'm having is performance - especially on mobile. I know there are a lot of limitations to canvas, but there are obviously a lot of great examples out there of people who have gotten around those limitations: Premium Javascript Animation Examples and Showcases using Greensock . Meanwhile, I'm struggling with a half-second lag on a button press when I publish just that test out of Animate.


      I *think* CreateJS is getting updated. There are recent commits on GitHub. But the minified library we get when we publish is from 2015. So that makes me wonder if there is much happening to improve html5 performance. If there is, those of us who use the Animate tool are not seeing it.


      So anyway, all that preface is to ask if there would be a benefit to Adobe partnering with Greensock to develop a Greensock replacement for CreateJS. I suspect there might.


      Greensock has always had 1) unbelievable performance, 2) unquestionable stability and 3) regular updates and improvements. Greensock's Javascript library has proven itself to be the same capable tool for Javascript developers that it was for Flash developers. These are qualities that Flash desperately needs in its publishing tools.


      Flash (Animate) is still a great interactive animation tool. For those of us who want a WSYWIG IDE, there is still no decent replacement. However, it has clearly lost the ability to hit 'Publish' and have it work anywhere. If a Greensock animation engine could solve that, it would be amazeballs for Animate (and the rest of us).


      Is this an idea Adobe would be willing to explore with Greensock? They get why Flash was great. They understand Javascript performance like nobody else. It seems like it could be an incredible partnership.