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    Digital editions authorisation


      Hi, I have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions and need to authorise it on my computer, but it is not a highlighted option on the help menu, can someone please give some guidance on this? I have tried the 24/7 chat support but get no response.

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          marlened97776262 Level 1

          I noticed the same thing on my computer when I downloaded ADE.  In my case I had authorized and unauthorized after a previous download so I assumed that it just automatically authorized itself.  If you check the next line below that.......the authorization information.....it should say if your computer is authorized. 

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            I have successfully downloaded ADE on my computer and got ID.  I then successfully downloaded the E book I bought fro E book sales onto PC and on my Android phone. Both are working well. I have a Kobo reader and have downloaded ADE and the E book to the Kobo reader but it wont open saying it requires authorisation.  This I Have not been able to activate. Please help.