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    CPU drops to 1-2% usage while rendering in Premiere Pro CC 2017

    Alexander Eberhard Level 1

      I got my 6850K overclock stable will realbench, Prime95 etc on 4.4 GHz.


      I am only doing video editing and motion design in After Effects. All pretty heavy CPU processes. I never had a problem editing my projects so far until I rendered a major project with Premiere Pro CC 2017. After 30% rendering of my project my CPU drops down to 1-2% CPU usage but keeps the rendering running which ofc will then take ages.


      I am now wondering if that's a sign of instability or software related since Adobe CC is very buggy.


      I seemed to have fixed it when putting AVX offet to 1. Watching the cpu usage while rendering I can see that i occassionally drops down to 4,3 Ghz. Would raising the core voltage be the only why to get it stable if that failure would be overclocking related?


      Any advises? Thank you!