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    How can app developers use designs made in XD to code the app?

    Dashanan Level 1

      Hello. Would appreciate if someone can give clarity on the process to be followed after the UI design of an app has been completed in XD and the engineering team takes over.


      The front-end developers primarily need the following information of each artboard screen:

      1. Asset distribution

      2. Element dimension and distance measurements

      3. Color codes of all elements

      4. Font type, size, and color of text elements


      Now #1 is clear because of the asset exportation feature of XD. But how do we go about # 2,3,4? Are we to expect the developers to install and run XD on their computer for this, working on the source file? Or is there a way like Invision's inspect feature that can give these details to the developers?


      There are about 100 front end developers in my organization. Does this mean I have to convince the management to (eventually) purchase Adobe XD for all 100 of them? The design team already has CC licenses, so no problem there. But I'm skeptical of getting clearance from Finance on 100 XD licenses.


      Without clarity on this, we cannot use XD for an actual app project.


      If the beta version does not support this aspect, can we get an estimated date by when these capabilities will be available in the solution?