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    Pixel Densities

    Shotscope_Designer Level 1

      Hi, I've been using Adobe XD since its release in Beta and its has improved my workflow UX Designs massively!


      Im currently working on a screen ui (1.3inch Sharp display (168px x 144px)) for a wearable sports product and I'm wondering if its possible to set a pixel density so that the art boards can replicate the physical size of the screen rather than just the number of pixels?


      If not is there a chance that this could be implemented?

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          joelmeine Level 1

          Shotscope,  We also had a need for this on a wearable project at our mobile development company.


          As a temp-workaround (until a pixel density feature setting and/or a wearable version of XD for mobile is available, we used an IOS device that had the approximate pixel density of the device, built an art board to house a "frame" to look like the device hardware and then placed UI Views inside the frame (i.e. iphone 2 that is 42mm = 390 x 312 pixels (~303 ppi pixel density) IPhone 6 pixel density is 326 (so, close-ish).


          It looks close to 1-to-1 and you can use it in client presentations or initial user testing. I know it is not perfect, but It may work for your immediate needs. Hope this helps. If you create a feature request for pixel density control, let me know I will up-vote it.

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