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    Opacity scroll effect problem in newest muse prerelease


      Hello all,

      I wanted to make a navigation panel, which will be pinned to the top of browser when it hits the top. I haven't found any good solution for muse, so I made 2 panels and with scroll effect Opacity I managed to get what I wanted...


      However, the text in the "lower panel" doesn't fit correctly to its button, but the upper panel is fine. I don't understand that, because the panels and buttons have exact same size and same position. As you can see in the pictures below, in the browser the lower panel is moved a little bit to right. How is it possible? In the muse they are on the same x position.






      Website on 1090 browser width:

      http://stary-blesk.000webhostapp.com/chcem-prispie%C5%A5--%C4%8Dasopis-star%C3%BD-blesk.ht ml


      Please help :/