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    InDesign CS6: Table of Contents and Paragraph Styles


      Thank you so much for your information.  This helps me understand what is happening and is very helpful to me.  I have another little problem but I am not sure if you could fix it for me without looking at my document.


      I have a number of paragraph styles set up.  I know what I am doing when I set up my paragraph styles.  I have a 300 + page book that I am setting out with text and photos on every page.  I initially had a bit of a problem working out how to add the table of contents.  Since I managed to get the table of contents up,  a 9 point italic font is over-riding all of the styles when I try to put in new text with that style.  It does not change the style of all the work that has been previously done but if I try to put new text in no matter what style I use it has a 9 point italic font.  It does not over-ride the leading though.  When I select it says it is for example Para style 1 and in Paragraph Style 1 is says it is an 11 pt regular font but it is actually 9 pt italic.   the only way to get it into the correct style is to override the font size and the italics. I have tried deleting all my styles with a 9 pt italic font and put them in again but it still makes no difference.


      It would be great if you could make any suggestions.  I have tried every thing I can think of including deleting the table of contents and the index and them putting them in again but it still persists.


      Thanks again for your previous help.