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    Photoshop not installing properly


      Os: Mac

      MacBook Air

      Processor 1.7 GHz intel core i7

      memory 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3

      Startup disk HD

      Graphics intel HD graphics 5000 1536mb


      I have recently repaired a corrupted hardrive that had the system volume rapidly increasing, before I realised the problem I had deleted creative cloud because the desktop utility was using excessive CPU, I have been able to re install premiere and media Encoder but have tried re installing photoshop, when I click the install button it goes to the installed section and starts installing, then it loads for about 20 secs at 0% and jumps to 99% it then tells me that Photoshop has been installed with a little notification it also says that it's been installed in the activity stream.

      Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 14.10.07.png

      It then goes from the installed section to the find additional apps section again and says it's ready to be installed again, as you can tell I have tried multiple times. I have also tried downloading it off the adobe website but it's just the same.

      I have heard there are compatibility issues with OS sierra and Adobe and I did download the Creative Cloud and Photoshop with OS Yosemite. Although I was still able to use all my apps and update them like normal even after updating.

      There are also no error messages or pointers to what went wrong so I am clueless.

      I do need a reply soon because I post Youtube videos and frequently use photoshop so a quick response would be appreciated.