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    Photoshop CC 2017 Crashing

      OK,here is my problem which I stuck on it.I use Adobe Creative Cloud also transferred from Folderit.

      Because I'm sys admin and working on Ubuntu OS as platform for networks users.I need Photoshop to be used with 5 people just for work on my websites for and

      This project which is done and established has high efficiency in other windows apps.

      It is as shareable project to be used Photoshop on network from members of network one by one.

      I use Wine and when I start the app the app starts and on the end finishing uploading addons its crashes. Problem is that I don't get any message.

      I've reload OS multiple time for stability for Wine and running Windows App in this case Photoshop.

      All is cheeked,spec on dedi is 128 GB ram full setup.

      Can you give me some direction or place on forum where I can seek answers.

      I know this more high tech but hope some will help me.

      Or this idea to implement trough Adobe Creative Cloud.


      Note:**Moderators don't erase the links because websites are needed for the system which is setting up using Adobe Creative Cloud to be inspected from the developers for future commercial purposes of Instagram.I don't spam I seek solutions.

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