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    Cannot find a file to Place


      Hi there,


      I am having intermittent issues when trying to Place a file in to InDesign.


      When I select Place and try to locate a file (such as has been created in Photoshop) I cannot see the file when I navigate to the correct filepath. The files are there when I use my Mac finder to look for them so it is just when in InDesign I am having this issue.


      Unfortunately it seems rather intermittent. When I tried to replicate the issue today I could see all the files fine.


      Has anybody seen this before? I would really appreciate any help on this as it is really affecting my ability to create the documents I need for work.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would watch carefully, and make sure you have the Place dialog open. If you had accidentally chosen the Open dialog instead, and you were trying to select an image file or Illustrator file, it would appear grayed out because you couldn't open it.

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            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

            I'm with Steve. I've never seen this happen with File > Place, but I see it a lot with my students. They head over to File > Open when I ask them to import a text or graphic file. Macs will show—but gray out—the inappropriate choices. Windows just hides them altogether.


            The key is to remember that "open" is used to open existing InDesign documents (and books and libraries) and that "place" is used to import text or graphic files from other applications into an open InDesign file.


            It sounds like you already know this, but may still be making the mistake when distracted. If so, you are in very good company.

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