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    InDesign resets papersize when chosing duplex

    dahl24281121 Level 1

      I am new to InDesign. I have a 12 page booklet, size A5 that I want to print on A4 paper to fold in the middle. I want to print on both sides.


      When changing settings to duplex in my printer settings, InDesign changes paper size to "US letter". When changing InDesign to A4, my printer refuses to use the duplex setting until I choose "A4" in printer settings. When I choose A4 in printer settings and choose "duplex", InDesign changes paper size back to US letter. Etc. etc


      01 InDesign.jpg


      What am I doing wrong?


      Edit: I know I can save booklet as a postscript file and open this in Acrobat to print, it's just a somewhat detour.