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    Can't press buttons/links of content below a Scroll Effect enabled object.




      When you press on the button, page moves towards an anchor point. Using a scroll effect, a black box fades out revealing the appropriate information. I use this to only display the information in question on an essentially tightly packed page. I like the way this looks BUT it's only effective for display content. If there are any links or buttons that the users should press, they can't because the same plack box that fades in and out is blocking the mouse from pressing it.


      I'm using black boxes with scroll effects to fade content in and out of focus when the page moves to an anchor. If you go to social, there is a facebook page widget and since the box is still on top of the content, just transparent, I can't click on any links below.


      As mentioned the black box is meant to keep the content hidden until the page moves down to the anchor.


      As of right now I have to fade in and out ever element, pretty tedious, but oh well. At least it works. Would be great is these elements could be set to non-intractable non-blocking even if they are in between the mouse and a button.