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    Adobe cc suitability as a daily tool for a non-designer solo researcher?


      Dear All,


      I am an Adobe cc newbie.  I work as a solo researcher and teacher generally without supports.  I am not a designer and have immense respect for your skill and expertise.  I have to self-produce my material.  Challenges:


      - I frequently experience limitations with Word and Pages,

      - I need to integrate, tables, graphics, images into documents and presentations,

      - I use Keynote for presentations - I like the product but need to get to the tool.


      I have had early success using, Acrobat Pro to resolve PDF issues, Ai to handle images, Photoshop to edit images, and Id to put together a couple of basic pieces.  All with youtube instructional videos running non-stop.  It worked quite well, with little fuss and seemed reasonably intuitive...all to my surprise.  Grids were flexible, images stayed put, tables behaved well, etc.    Perhaps I just got lucky.


      Question: would you recommend the Adobe cc Suite as the go to toolset for a non-designer or is it overkill?


      I am concerned about the learning curve as most of the design terminology, UI and measurements are foreign to me.


      I would be very grateful for any guidance or suggestions.


      Thank you for reading.  Please forgive me if I have asked this question in the incorrect area of the Community.