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    pdf linking problem

      I have a project which has several job aids in pdf format. When clicking on the TOC, we have a message appearing, 'please wait for the job aid to load..'. This has been successfuly for 20 or 30 job aids. I created a new topic, then copied the 'true code' from an existing topic and pasted it in. I then changed the pdf url to get the correct file and I also updated the htm file name. I cannot get the job aid to load.

      Suggestions welcome. Oh, we are using RH 5X
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Robert

          Code looks pretty straightforward. Are you certain that you have the file Data_Entry_Overview.pdf in the same location as the redirect page?

          Perhaps you need to add the file to baggage?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Is the topic meant to display for a while and then disappear as the PDF opens? Doesn't that mean the refresh value needs a time setting? It is zero at the moment.

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              MergeThis Level 4
              No, Peter, "0" means zero delay in displaying it, not zero time being displayed.

              Good luck,
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                I was thinking a 5 second delay in displaying the target of the redirect would leave the page with the redirect visible, but of course it will do that before it starts to load the PDF page so no advantage. The requirement is, I believe, that this page stays visible while the redirect loads. Doh!

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                  arkocher Level 1
                  Thanks guys. I did realize that there was a space in the pdf file name that was not in the code above. I was still having problems, so I started from scratch. I removed the topic and baggage file, then compiled my project. I made sure the htm file was gone too. I then created a new topic, added the baggage file and copied the code from an existing topic, changing the link information and redirect info. (I thought I had done this before, except for the compiling). Once I re-compiled, voila!