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    Problems and a question for Adobe Premium Elements 15


      So, I am trying to upgrade my video editing program. I have been using Microsoft Movie Maker because it was free and is easy to use. I am upgrading because it does not translate the HD video too well. A couple of website recommended Adobe Premium Elements 15. I downloaded the trial version to see if I like it before spending money on it. First thing, will the see through banner, made in trial version, stay on my finished video. I haven't gotten to the point yet because of two major problems. 1. I have tried adding a video clip to the timeline, the two other editing programs I use say the video is 17 min long. Adobe says it is 7 secs. Huge deference. What the hell? 2. Because of this I decided to add the media directly from the camera, a GoPro Hero+, as I am JUST looking at the possible files to add Adobe crashes. This has 3 times now. I am about ready bail on this already.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          To get rid of the banner, you have to buy a serial number.  My understanding is that you if you delete the preview files so that they are rebuilt, the banner goes away.  I've never done it, so not perfectly confident!


          That timeline and crashing behavior is not normal for Premier Elements.  To know why it is doing that you'll have to volunteer more detail.


          I don't have or understand the GoPro.  Depending on the model and settings it apparently will record files with a variable frame rate.   Editing systems, including Premiere Elements, don't like variable frame rates.  I've read that it can be necessary to process the clips through a (free) program provided by GoPro to make constant frame rate files.


          How are you adding the 17 minute video to your timeline?  Would you post a screenshot?

          Can you describe what you mean by "adding directly from the GoPro"?

          What are the two other editing programs that work for you?

          Would you provide more detail about the camera settings and ideally a look at the file with MediaInfo.

          Where were the source files when you started the project?

          Where are the source files now?

          What are your computer specifications?

          How much disk space do you have?

          How much memory do you have?


          With a little bit of luck, this can be figured out.



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            jeremyo83264500 Level 1

            Typically, I convert, i.e get rid of the wide camera angle affect, through GoPro's editing studio. But I want to do things, like add credits, narration, music, and photos. GoPro's studio will not allow you to this. This converted file, again no wide angle, shows up in GoPro studio and Microsoft Movie Maker as a 17 min clip. Usually I will then edit down and cut what I want. Adobe shows this same clip as only being 7 seconds. Not only that, a few other clips I wish to add show up as exactly 12 min long, again I know these are longer, maybe 13 min or 14 min, but not 12. I know GoPro saves clip in 12 min goes, but the whole clip show up in Movie Maker and GoPro Studio.


            So, I figured that for what ever reason Adobe is not recognizing the file. I chose to add the file by the add media option in Adobe. I then pick the camera. Adobe opens the camera to look at the files and then while I am un-clinking all the files so I can clink, choose, the files to upload it crashes.


            Before the videos were in my video file and I would just add them from there. I may doing something wrong, but again I am having no problems adding these files in Movie Maker. My issue with Movie Maker is the HD sucks.

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              Over the last couple years this has come up on this forum.  I don't know how GoPro stuff works.  But, I know it can be done.  This does work.


              Your second paragraph is confusing me. 


              If I understand your procedure is shoot with GoPro Camera, load file inGoPro Studio and make a new file that is "de fished".   Is that new file is now on your computer's drive?  Or is it somewhere else?  What is the new file name, especially the part after the dot?


              What are the output settings you are using in GoPro Studio?  Can you put the file on DropBox or somewhere that I can try it?