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    Import shows No Photos available Lightroom CC 2015.8

    dnohner Level 1

      I updated to Lightroom CC two days ago.  Import from another catalog works perfectly.  Could not import new images from the internal hard drive or an sd card into the new catalog that I just imported images from previous LR5 catalog into. Can not import from external HDD either. 


      MacOS Sierra 10.12.3,  24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, 193 GB free hard drive space,  I have Full Read/Write access to the HDD and folders, I am system Admin,


      Followed instructions on the forum to reset all preferences to defaults. 

      Followed instructions from the forum to rename lightroom presets folder and have LR create another presets folder. Nothing fixed the problem.  

      Verified my graphics card is compatible with LR CC.

      Disconnected the external HDD.

      Uninstalled LightRoom CC and reinstalled. 

      Purged Camera Raw and Video Cache

      Shut off the computer overnight. 

      Left the import box open for an hour, no photos showed up.

      No fix for the problem.


      This morning:

      I created a new catalog in Lightroom.

      When I click on import, select a source location folder location on my hdd with images (raw and jpg).

      Selected COPY photos to a new location and add to catalog

      Selected Other Destination and created a new folder

      File Handling has no boxes checked and Build Previews are set to Minimal.

      Apply During Import is set to none


      Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.51.55 AM.png


      As you can see from the screenshot the selected source does have raw and jpg files in the location. 


      I  have tried Copy as DNG, Move to new location and add.


      I need help quickly.  I have images I need to process.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.