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    New Mac Pro keeps crashing when using Photoshop


      Hi, i got new Macbook Pro and i installed photoshop for usual working, when im using photoshop suddenly its freezing, i only can do right click. After i force quit and restarted my it keeps crashing.


      So,when it occurs the computer still working if i use right click and use keyboard shortcut.


      I tried to contact adobe chat support and they uncativate the graphic or something like that, but it still just the same. When im using photoshop sometimes its freezing, i cant use my left click!


      What should i do? For the first time i think its a hardware issue, but i got new replacement Macbook from apple because i think its a hardware problem, but it still occur the same problem like before.


      Please advice,


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          SteveWeinrebe Adobe Community Professional

          Try resetting your preferences and see if that helps. Hold down Cmd+Opt+Shift while you are launching Photoshop, then click OK at the popup. Be aware this will reset your preferences so if you have custom prefs you might want to back them up. They're in "user">Library>Preferences>Adobe Photoshop settings.


          Also assuming you are using a recent version of Photoshop, not an old version that might not be supported by the new Mac OS.


          Good luck,