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    buttons showing up over pop-ups in PDF – fixes don't work


      I'm building an interactive PDF and I am having an issue with a button showing in front of a pop-up window (which is itself a button).


      I understand that there is a bug regarding stacking order and I have employed all workarounds that were suggested through various sources (order of which buttons are made, setting the tab order, editing the order in Acrobat, plus ensuring all my software is up-to-date) and the problem is that the button does appear behind the pop-up, but it only happens once. If I close the pop-up and click the button to open it again, the button returns to the front.


      I figured out a workaround to hide the button when the pop-up is activated and then to show it when the pop-up is closed, but I'm preparing to make a file with several buttons per page and applying all these show/hide button actions to each button is going to be tedious.


      Have there been any updates to this situation?

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          katp89960051 Level 1

          Hi. I've been having the same problem and tearing my hair out BUT I think I've worked it out!


          I've got a grid of images with rollover popups. If my popup overlaps the next image in the grid, it automatically goes behind that next image which I DON'T WANT! After weeks of trawling the internet for a solution (and finding none) I have stumbled across the Set Tab Order box (Object>Interactive>Set Tab Order in InDesign CC) which IMO is a complete misnomer as it actually sets the order of objects!


          All my buttons appear in the Set Tab Order box. By ordering these in front of the images, my popups now appear in front.


          Fingers crossed this helps you!

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