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    App has not been installed


      Hello everyone,


      I have an app project made on Ionic Framework and i'm trying build this project on PhoneGapBuild, but the apk generated doesn't install on my phone and on anothers. What can I do? Please, help me (:


      Ps.: When i build the project on Ionic via cmd, the apk works normally ):


      Example picture of error.



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          ryanskihead Adobe Employee

          Tough to say the exact problem without logging. If you can, install the android command line tools, connect your phone and run adb logcat, which should show you the exact problem thats occuring.


          That said, one problem I often see is that if you already have an app installed with the same identifier (com.adobe.myapp or something), but the version being installed is lower than the existing version, you'll get a version downgrade error. Ensure any existing versions of this app (such as the one you made using ionic cmd?) are uninstalled.

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