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      I had Flex 3 Standard installed on a pc. I uninstalled it 1 Month ago.
      we bougth 2 new Flex 3 Professional licenses. When we try installing the pro version on this computer, it defaults back to the standard license #, and since my new PRO copies are a full license I haven't been able to use the professional utilities. I've made like 12 calls to half of India by now, and they all seem to want to sell me gold, bronze, silver packages. They say I'm being connected to tech support, but I get sales everytime.

      My question is. How can I COMPLETELY UNINSTALL FLEX from my computer? I don't want lingering serial files, or anything that prevents me from installing a professional version. Before you ask, yes all my copies are legit as the 12+ phone calls have verified, reverified, and recorded. Please help!!