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    Folders and subfolders


      I'm planning how to lay out my book.


      I can see where ten chapters, or individual files, should go into a  folder called "Book". Each of my chapters will have many photos, however, so it would be best if I had subfolders, one for each of the chapters. That would keep everything organized.


      When inDesign goes to synchronize my files, will it be able to look into subfolders? I don't want to set up subfolders now if inDesign can't recognize this file structure later. Thanks in advance, Tom

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, it will see links in all sub-folders. But you might also read the help file about the term "book" which is an InDesign file that coordinates (and can synchronize) the 10 separate indd documents you are going to make. An InDesign book file .indb is an organizer of your 10 separate files. When InDesign synchronizes your files, it is doing so by using a book file. File > New > Book becomes a named file also in that main folder. It appears on your screen as a floating panel. Add your 10 documents within the Book panel.

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            thomasf20756413 Level 1

            Thanks very much for the insight. And I now realize I can set up a test or experiment with dummy files and folders to see how it all works. Thanks, again. Thomas