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    Select and Mask is not previewing with black Background in View Mode doesn't seem to work


      Hi guys,


      Ive been using Photoshop for 17years and used to using the Refine edge tool, however upgraded from CS3 to CC recently and I am lost!

      After starting with a coloured image, with rough and blurred edges on a white Background, then making a quick selection on it and clicking Select and Mask... the selection doesn't show up. I cannot see any marching ants, no way of knowing what is actually selected. Changing views only looks like a filter over the WHOLE image and doesnt exclude the parts I was to extract.

      I do not have "Show Edge" checked and tried to change transparency without success.

      Once I click ok, no changes are made at all.


      I have a client job due yesterday and I am stressed out to the max so any help would be much appreciated. My machine is a desktop 3.2 GHz Mac, 2016 version. Running CC graphics suite. Running El Capitan 10.11.6


      Please help!