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    How to intersect 2 layers in 2 places during puppet tool animation?




      I'm just starting to learn After Effects for animation purposes after switching from OpenToonz. So far the program is great but I found one problem that I can't solve on my own or find any solution of the internet (or even properly describe in English words since English is not my first language).


      Let's visualise the problem with 2 lines on different layers that intersect with each other in 2 points:


      I would like the green line to be above the blue line on the bottom intersection but at the same time I want the blue line to be above the green one on the top intersection just like this:


      I know I can achieve this using Track Matte by creating a layer with upper half of the blue line that works as a invert matte mask for the green line (that's how I made it in the image above).


      The problem occurs when I want to animate the blue line using puppet tool. The layer that is the source for track matte stays in the same place!


      I don't know how can I make the mask layer follow the transformation of the blue line. In OpenToonz is was easy because I could simply apply one mesh to multiple layers but I don't such option in After Effects.

      Or is there any other way I can make the blue line remain at the top of green line in the upper intersection at the whole time of puppet tool animation?

      I also tried messing with the Z axis and putting blue line with the mask layer in a pre-compose but it didn't work.


      I just hope the solution is something else than just frame-by-frame post processing using vector masks or something.

      BTW. Eventually I want to make this using DUIK plugin but for purposes of this question I think puppet tool is enough