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    Patch Tool - Won't let me select what I need

    jerryp97433002 Level 1

      New to PS & learning as I go. Trying to eliminate a ceiling fan shadow from the ceiling. When I select the tool & circle the area to patch it will only allow me to move upward & to the left a bit or right & each of those areas don't match the ceiling color properly. If I move it in a direction that matches better it will return to the space selected, however if I move it in the direction it wants to go & select something completely incorrect it will use it. Now if I choose to eliminate a a/c vent in the ceiling it replaces it with the proper patch to remove it completely. BTW this is still using the same image. Settings on Tool Bar: Patch Tool - New Selection - Patch: Normal - Source Selected, using a single image & no layers. Is it possible to select an area I wish to use or am I at the mercy of using the only directions it give me?