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    Defining increasing Variable (easy question)

      Hi, so well i have what should be a fairly easy question.

      I have loaded in say, n variables by FlashVar so that there is _root.path0, _root.path1 ..... _root.pathn. Now i only want to load in all of these into a array called path.

      If you look at the for-loop right now i have this path[inc] = _.root.path+i. I know this doesn't work but i explains what i want to do. I only want path[1] to be _root.path1 and path[2] to be _root.path2 etc. But i don't know the right syntax in Flash, it's easy as that. The number of path's are NOT fixed.

      And one more question, using FlashVar, is the flashmovie loaded with the variables or do i have to check when they are loaded before doing actions?