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    Destination Gamut Warning considered harmful

    J Isner Level 1

      I only consider it harmful to those who misunderstand the nature of the "warning."


      When you turn on the Destination Gamut Warning in soft proofing, a red overlay identifies colors that are out-of-gamut for the chosen ICC profile.  Many Lightroom users have been taught that they must do something to bring the colors into the gamut, making the red overlay disappear.   This is a misunderstanding.   The colors have already been brought into gamut by the rendering intent.  If you turn off Destination Gamut Warning and examine the colors underneath, you will see the colors that will be printed if you do nothing.  You should only "do something" about destination gamut warnings if you think you can do better than the rendering intent has already done.   In my experience it is often difficult to do better.  Your changes may eliminate the warnings but make the result worse than if you had done nothing.