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    Blank Pages


      I recently read an article which states that adding blank pages in your InDesign document helps structure your document for the printer but will not be part of the document.


      I am creating a 12 page brochure.


      1. Why is the purpose of blank pages?

      2. Do I need to add blank pages in my 12 pg brochure?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          You've been misinformed.


          If your document is more than two pages (one sheet), it needs to be in multiples of 4 so it can be stitched. So 4. 12, 16, 32 are typical mutipage sections. Obviously, if you supplied your printer with content for say 15 pages, they'd have to print 16 pages and you'd have, in this example, a blank page!


          Work in the RGB color mode and let the following do the conversion to CMYK.


          You don't have to worry about the imposition, you supply your commercial printer with single page PDFs (not facing pages). If your printer hasn't given you a spec, use the InDesign Adobe PDF Presets and select PDF / X-4  with "Use document bleed settings" selected.

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            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Derek.


            As your brochure is 12 pages, it is in multiples of four—so you are good.


            In addition, any time you are setting up anything for the printer and have questions, it is always a good idea to run those questions by the printer to get the right answer specific to you and your print job. So many things depend on their equipment, your paper, your ink, their knowledge, and other factors.

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              bnyhoff Level 2

              All correct except when you have a gatefold cover which can give you 10, 14 pages etc.

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                bnyhoff Level 2

                Gatefold is 4 pages with a 2 page folded into the fron or back cover.

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                  Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                  Of course, but that will confuse a beginner to whom you even have to explain what a two page document is.


                  You'll be mentioning "tip-in" pages next!