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    Adobe CC wont run, direct download of PS CC fails.


      Hello, I purchased a Photoshop CC subscription months ago but I had issues installing the CC app. It would hang during installation and would never get to the log in screen. I have since gone back and tried to troubleshoot, I've spent about three hours searching these forums, trying the same methods recommended by Adobe over and over again, I've used the CC cleaning and uninstall tool, but something has fundamentally broken to the point where CC doesn't appear to have fully uninstalled ever. When I reboot my PC it attempts to load itself and gives me the same error message I receive when I've tried fresh re-installing "Adobe creative cloud is needed to resolve this problem. However it is missing or damaged. please download and install a new copy of the creative cloud from [adobe website link]"


      I have tried downloading photoshop from Adobe's direct download link, but upon completion of installation it gives me this error "Adobe application manager, required to start your trial, is missing or damaged."


      I've downloaded AAM and used it multiple times, it has not changed anything. I've gone through multiple fix processes found on these forums, none have changed anything. I'm severely disappointment and completely out of ideas. I really need a working updated Photoshop for school purposes. If anyone has any suggestions beyond "uninstall, then run the cleaner" I'd greatly appreciate them.


      I'm running Windows 7.