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    Error after Adobe install on trial

      Trying ti start a Trial on this Product and getting this error.

      A Problem was encountered while trying to load the trial period for Adobe Captivate 3

      Click Quit to see if restarting your computer or reinstalling the software fises this problem
      "No neither did tried them a few time" Otherwise Continue to display screen where you can enter a valid serial number to begin using the product without a trial.

      Ok... Anyone have this issue before and did you ever get the trial working. Let me know so I don't waste anymore time on this product.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Plus1Minus2

          Sorry but your best hope is to contact Adobe Support on this. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone post a workaround for it. It happened to me when Captivate 3 first appeared and the only way I got past it was to enter a valid serial. I've seen others report similar behavior. If anyone actually HAS been able to make it work in trial mode without a serial I'd LOVE to hear about how it was done!

          Cheers... Rick
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            Plus1Minus2 Level 1
            Good one Captiv8r,

            Been there done that and lost as little sheep they are.

            I'd love to get this working also I've been 3 or 4 days working on this, Hence they sent me here. Well so much for support on this product, we really wanted this software but needed to run it through it's paces before we bought it.

            Adobe Support would love for me to purchase a support contract for a product I don't own yet, to get the product I don't own installed for a "FREE?" trial..Seems a bit much, makes me wonder what support is like when/if I do buy the product.

            So anyone here have any good things to say about this product/support that might convince me it's worth persuing?.. is this worth the time, effort and money spent?
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again

              Well, personally I like the product. But that's just one opinion. Like any product, one should install it and try it before committing. Unfortunately, that's not likely in your case, as the silly thing won't even install and run in trial mode!

              Although I have an Adobe logo appearing near my name, I'm not an Adobe employee. I'm just an advocate. As such, it seems silly to me that support isn't provided in order to get the product to a state where you may at least try it.

              I really do wish I could help more, but I'm at a total loss. I've voiced my concerns along with others over this exact issue in the past and we haven't seen a change in policy. I'm sure they have reasons that make sense to them for using this approach. I wouldn't do it that way, but it's not my company to run!

              As for support, I once worked in a Call Center Support area similar to what you are calling. And it's not just Adobe, it's *ANY* call center you contact. You get folks that are really good and know how to fix your problem immediately and you get folks that are green as can be and either simply don't know or just don't care. It's really the luck of the draw on that one. Personally, I think that support here in the forums is outstanding. There are a lot of us here that like to assist one another.

              So I do wish you the best of luck in finding something that works for you. Whatever that product may be.

              Cheers... Rick