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    Rejection by Technical Issues, Vector Illustration


      Hi guys!

      I've got second time rejection of the same vector illustrations by the following reason:

      Your file has one or more of these issues:

      • Your vector file contains a raster/bitmap image, and vector files must not contain raster elements.
      • Your JPEG preview file has been compressed too much, so textural problems have occurred in the file.
      • You didn't use anti-aliasing when exporting your vector file to JPEG, so there are problems with lines on the JPEG file.

      I checked EPS using Document Info, it says that no raster found.

      How they check is there any raster elements or something else is persist?


      And I set anti-aliasing settings in Documents Raster Effects Settings for saving JPG files

      Can you help, what kind of  rejection problem it can be?