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    Complete Lightroom backup and re-install


      Hi, Sorry to bother you all. I am very surprised that I am not able to find this info on the Adobe help pages. It must surely be a 'standard', allbeit somewhat complicated process. Anyway, due to reasons that are outside this forum, I have to reinstall LightroomCC on a clean computer. I do know how to physically re-install, and get my license IDs etc. However, I wish to make a complete backup of the Lightroom 'data'. I recognise that my photos on disk will be fine, and I know that I can backup and restore the Lightroom catalogue file. However, from what I have read on the Adobe help pages, the catalogue file holds (only) such items as

      1. A reference to where the photo is on your system
      2. Instructions for how you want to process the photo
      3. Metadata, such as ratings and keywords that you apply to photos to help you find or organize them

      There is no mention of info from the MAP module, such as locations. I wish to backup my locations and also info about the photos I have located on the MAP, whether they are tied to a location or not. It would be great if all this info where held in the catalogue file, but I suspect not!


      Btw, I have not created any presets of any type, no special camera lens profiles, camera raw settings, or slideshows etc, so no need to worry about that side of things.


      Any ideas please?