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    message-based web service

      We are using CF 7.01 and have been successful in consuming web services in the past. We are unsuccessful however in consuming a web service where the client says is using a message-based (aka document style) web service. We are entering thier system but we error out in our attempt to access thier web service.

      In the cfcomponent I have even tried using style="document" but we are still erroring out. The nature of the error message at our end shows:

      -- start of error message...
      Message: Could not generate stub objects for web service invocation.
      Detail: Name: https://integrationdev.peopleclick.com/soap/echo. WSDL: https://integrationdev.peopleclick.com/soap/echo. WSDLException (at /SOAP-ENV:Envelope): faultCode=INVALID_WSDL: Expected element '{ http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/}definitions'.: It is recommended that you use a web browser to retrieve and examine the requested WSDL document for correctness. If the requested WSDL document can't be retrieved or it is dynamically generated, it is likely that the target web service has programming errors.

      -- ...end of error message.

      The message insinuates a WSDL problem. I understand message-based web services don't use a WSDL. Must I remove something from our standard RPC-based web service configuration?

      Thanks in advance.