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    Issues with opening files and random shutdowns


      Hi there!


      I've been using Adobe XD for a while now. I absolutely love it, but ever since the last update or so, my version of XD began acting weird. These are my two issues:

      • Ever since the introduction of the onboarding-ish screen (Design. Prototype. Share.) where certain screens can be selected, Adobe XD won't always create a new document and just shuts down. This also happens when opening a recent document via the list. Opening the same document using the Open-button and Windows Explorer seems to work fine.
      • Sometimes, Adobe XD seems to just randomly shut down during editing. This is really annoying, because I lose all my work if I don't save regularly. I honestly have no idea why and how this happens. The only thing I can mention here that may causes it, is editing an already existing object on the XD file, or adding new objects.
      • Opening Adobe XD as a whole will not always work. Sometimes a white screen is just shown. Closing this and start Adobe XD again will work.


      I really like the ease and speed of prototyping due to Adobe XD and I hope someone knows the solution to these problems.


      Greetings from the Netherlands!