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    Animated link

      I created an animated button for my site's menu, but I can't seem to get it to work. Does the link need to be scripted to the downstate of any of the buttons?
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          DLMAES Level 1
          You need to attach the actionscript to the button not on the inside of the button timeline.

          Select the button on the stage, hit F9 to open the actionscript pannel and type something similar to:

          on (release) {
          //Enter your command here
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            Adsero Level 1
            I'm actually beginning to wonder if what I want is possible at all. I want the animated button to serve as a link while the animation plays. Possible?

            I attached the code to the button as you instructed, but may have done it wrong, as I'm not entirely familiar with scripting. It turned the button is now static.
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              DLMAES Level 1
              Yes this is possible, just put a key frame in the animation time line that activates the link...