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    Gradient Tool Black Slider Causes Crash, Lightroom CC (2015.8 Release)


      Hello all,


      I've had this problem for quite some time and it usually doesn't cause me too much grief. I also expected that someone by now would have figured out what was going on but I haven't found anything in the forum that would indicate a similar issue...


      Within the gradient tool, when using the black slider Lightroom will crash on me immediately. This happens in one of two ways. First, if I've already created a gradient and I try to adjust it with the black slider the program crashes. Or second, before creating a gradient, I can successfully adjust the black slider, but when I try to click and drag a new gradient the program crashes.


      Anyone have ideas as to what is causing this? For reference, I'm using the latest available release (see the discussion thread title above). Thanks to anyone who can provide clarity, or even confirm this is happening to them too.




      - JFearer