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    premiere elements 14: can't connect to the internet



      Upgraded from an older version of elements awhile ago.  since then haven't been able to connect to the internet through the program.  haven't had time to try to figure it out.  I get the following errors when I try to post videos to the internet (youtube).  Again, not something I frequently do.  I get the first message and have a button I can click that says 'authorize.' when clicked get the second message.  If I try to reach the online help files I get a message stating that I'm not connected to the internet...but I am.  Don't see where or how I can I can change this.  I was able to sign out and back in to my account through the program proving an internet connection.  Also, no firewall or antiviral programs.  Suggestions?  thanks in advance.  PC, windows 7, elements/ photoshop 8 worked fine, wish I hadn't "upgraded."


      Adobe Premiere Elements requires your authorization to upload media to your YouTube account.


      Your authentication details could not be verified. Kindly try again.