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    Two Screens

      I use to use Director on a daily basis (1997). I'm long removed from it so I'm sorry if this question is easy or has been answered before.

      I'm looking to set my stage up to cover two 1024 x 768 monitors (2024 x 768 stage size)

      How do I get it set up to play back on the split monitors?
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          BSpero Level 1
          I have done a bunch of dual screen stuff, and if I make my stage the size your are describing, and play it back full screen - it usually just works. The only hiccup can be if the monitors are not set up in the system right net to each other or at different resolutions. Make sure the stage location is set at 0,0 and it will line up with the left corner and span as far as the stage is wide.

          - B