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    File or map signed with damaged certificate by Adobe.Is this harmful?What to do?


      Concerns 12'notebook with Windows10.Over 5 years old,rather limited processing.

      Recently I upgraded Adobe Flashplayer.Shortly after I scanned with AVG.

      I got a message.There was a file or map signed with a damaged certificate by Adobe.AVG22-2-2.JPG

      It was clean though AVG advised to remove Adobe and do another download.

      After I had done I scanned again and I got the same message,though another file.



      Does anyone know about?Could anyone or any organisation abuse this for installing any kind of malware?

      Is it necessary to do something.


      I am not 100% sure it's due to the Flashplayer.The first message was just short after an upgrade of the flashplayer,

      then I removed and did another official download from Adobe.